Voice and data across the world

FleetBroadband delivers seamless voice and broadband data across the world, with a range of capabilities
and antenna sizes to suit your budget and vessel needs.

FleetBroadband is a powerful solution meeting the maritime industry's growing demand for bandwidth and flexible services.


FleetBroadband is the first Inmarsat system offering standard IP connectivity up to 432 kbit/s and streaming IP with fixed data throughput rates. SMS to cellular phones is a also a new facility. Depending on terminal model, the well-known ISDN 64 kbit/s service can also be used with FleetBroadband.


Voice and data can be used simultaneously.


Systems and terminals

There are three types of FleetBroadband systems and terminals FB150, FB250 and FB500. They diverge in terms of available services, performance and also antenna size.


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