Service Activation


Telemar Scandinavia AB is authorised by Inmarsat to act as a PSA - Point of Service Activation.


We are in the position to activate all types of Inmarsat terminals, both for maritime and land use. Telemar Scandinavia, and the other companies in the Telemar Group, are recognised as PSAs by the National Authorities in most flag states.


Customers holding airtime contracts with Telemar Scandinavia are given extra value in connection with terminal activation and de-activation. We take care of the entire process, from preparation of Inmarsat forms through to activation and reports to Authorities when required. In addition we give expert advice in matters to do with re-flagging of vessels etc. This reduces the overall work-load of Shipping Company officials.


Telemar's PSA license, in combination with our Accounting Authority appointment, enables us to manage all matters to do with Inmarsat registrations in a very smooth an streamlined way, taking off work-load and saving valuable time for our clients.






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