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Telemar SeaView™


Flexible TV-solutions for improved life at sea.

Telemar SeaVeiw™ TV-at-sea solutions provides ships with the latest technology for TV-reception and distribution on board.
Our TV-systems are remotly accessable and also integrates with our SeaCall VSAT-system. This is a cost effective way for our engineers to perform remote monitoring, trouble-shooting and software updates.


SeaView™ Vision

Upgrading existing systems.

Many vessels got their onboard TV system quite a number of years ago. The equipment may be completely out-dated or even worn out. The result is often a poor picture quality and problems with the distribution onboard.

Telemar will replace the below deck equipment with a digital state-of-the-art system. To provide the most cost effective solution, we adapt to the existing system as much as possible.


SeaView™ IPTV

When projecting brand new TV systems on vessel, it is in most cases more cost effective to establish a LAN or use the existing one for distribution to cabins and mess rooms.

The TV programs are distributed via a LAN allowing crew members to watch TV on their personal device or on a HDTV with a small set-top box or built in decoding capability.


Complete delivery from Telemar

Telemar offers stabilized TV-antennas from Cobham and Intellian, the most trusted brands in the market of TV-reception at sea.

We also supply all below deck equipment and software needed for a high quality TV-system onboard. Our team will supervise the entire project, from initial planning through to delivery onboard and installation by Telemar’s certified engineers.








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