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Telemar was one of the first companies to provide VSAT broadband at sea on a larger scale.

So when experience and premium quality counts, Telemar SeaCall is the natural choice.

We provide VSAT-services on Ku-band, with a global coverage along the main shipping routes, and VSAT C-band for a complete global coverage.

We also supply KA-band for high data demanding operations.


From Telemar you get a complete integrated martitime broadband solution including pre-sales
consultancy, project planning, installation, service maintenance and technical support .


Chosing a maritime broadband solution from Telemar means that your local or world-wide operation will always be cared for. Telemar stands for experience, stability and financial strenght and is a single point provider of satellite airtime, communication equipment and navigation electronics.


Our Ku-band SeaCall solution offers a fully integrated Iridium Pilot or FleetBroadband terminal for extended range and full redundancy. 



Our C-band Service offers global coverage on 2,4 m C-band antennas



Once installed and commissioned onboard by Telemar's licensed engineers, your SeaCall broadband
equipment and software will be continuously monitored at our Networks Operations Centre which is also available for technical support on a 24/7 basis.





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